Paul J. Cooper’s mission is to enable the disabled, who are challenged by developmental disabilities, drugs, and psychological disorders, to achieve self-sufficiency and independence.



Paul J. Cooper Center for Human Services, Inc. originally known as
the Brownsville-Ocean Hill Community Mental Health Clinic was established and incorporated in 1971, by concerned community activists to help rebuild a strong community. It was renamed the Paul J. Cooper Center for Human Services in 1983 in honor of the Commissioner of Health who championed their efforts. Today, we continue to provide assistance to people with chemical dependency, and residential services for the developmentally disabled.

This not-for-profit organization is not just another program; it is an agency that has a visible impact on the community and a uniqueness that speaks to the humanitarian of who you are as a human being. We teach individuals to become accountable , independent, and assist them in finding their place within the community.

In meeting the challenges of the surrounding communities, the staff of Paul J. Cooper has worked hard to ensure that the agency achieves its mission of providing quality services and treatment for all. Paul J. Cooper stands as a last hope for many in need of treatment services for drugs, alcohol and their mental well-being.

The Agency believes that each consumer must be afforded equal rights to treatment regardless of their ages, sex, color, creed, disability or sexual preferences. We accept most forms of insurance, including Medicaid , Medicare, selected HMO’s, self-pay and various managed care entities. We provide services to consumer/families without insurance coverage on a sliding scale (fee) basis. We strive to provide high quality, a cost-effective service, which addresses each individual ‘s need as a means of fostering self-sufficiency and independence.

Community United To Heal