What We Treat

The Whole Person Approach To Treat Chemical Dependency

For over 44 years, the Paul J. Cooper Center for Human Services has strived to provide services that help individuals with Chemical Dependency, Developmental Disabilities, and Mental Health issues become productive members of their communities again. The agency is designed to teach every client to live independently and become an integral part of the community.

Paul J. Cooper teaches clients coping skills and offers them the support needed to make it on their own. We understand without a support system clients end up in the hospital, far from their family, or down a destructive path. We provide them with the necessary tools to fully armor themselves to face the challenges of life. Helping them through the process of gaining the value of self-respect and earning back the respect of family and peers.
Paul J. Cooper provides a basis for the dedicated staff to support clients by giving the gift of themselves. Every client is provided with meals, metro cards, and assistance for daily living. Planned activities outside the actual services endear patients to the program and make Paul J. Cooper better able to serve the community.

Our reward is the transformation we see in the client and watching them reach out to others.
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