Our History


Paul J. Cooper Center for Human Services, Inc. is originally known as the Brownsville­ Ocean Hill Community Mental Health Clinic was established and incorporated in 1971, by concerned community activists to help rebuild a strong community. It was renamed the Paul J. Cooper Center for Human Services in 1983 in honor of the New York City Commissioner of Health who championed their efforts..



Honoring the Legacy of Paul J. Cooper

“A Man With A Mission”

Paul J Cooper was a tireless leader and local community activist who advocated for an improved mental health provider system for the residents of Central Brooklyn. His vision was realized and to date, the Paul J. Cooper Center for Human Services, named after his death, continues to provide services to improve the lives of the developmentally disabled within the most severely disadvantaged neighborhoods of Central Brooklyn. Like the man, the agency has a history of providing a visible, immeasurable impact on the community.

Paul J. Cooper stands as the hope for those in need!